Company Statement


The Kuretake brand represents the arts and crafts lifestyle with the use of color and shapes. The colors “Black” represents Tradition with “Yellow and Purple” representing Innovation of brushes, pens and paints to support our customer artistic lifestyle. The shapes of circle, square and triangle represent the creation of arts and crafts.

“ZIG” is a registered trademark owned by Kuretake Co., Ltd.
ZIG products are made in Japan.
ZIG products are sold in over 80 countries world-wide.

Greeting from President

Kuretake was founded in 1902 as a family business engaged in the manufacturing of sumi ink sticks, a traditional industry of Nara, Japan. Since then, starting with supplies for Japanese calligraphy and later including felt-tipped markers and Fude pens (brush pens), we have worked to enrich people's lives and contribute to the advancement of education and culture through the development of our products.

However, in recent years, as IT becomes more and more entrenched in our society, people have very few opportunities to write by hand, and speed and convenience have become valued above all else. Nonetheless, we believe that it is in these very times that we cannot afford to forget the importance of expressing one's thoughts in one's own hand. We therefore established our current business domain of Arts & Crafts with the aim of "returning to analog to regain that personal touch."

What we have consistently emphasized in the development of products since our founding is the personal touch of writing manually, and the joy of making things by hand. This is the legacy that we would like to leave to future generations. That is why we will forge ahead with the creation of products that meet customers' needs, can be used safely and comfortably, and win customers' enduring loyalty.